Biography: Noorul Choudhury

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Noorul Choudhury is a 33 year old science teacher from Rochdale who teaches at Heywood Community High School, Castleton. Prior to that he taught business enterprise and science at Siddal Moor Sports College. In addition to his teaching qualifications, he is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership.  

In his BBC blurb, he confesses to being fashion-conscious and showering three times a day – and according to The Mirror, a former pupil of his says that “He inspects his reflection wherever he can, if it’s a window or the whiteboard, he checks himself out at every opportunity.”  However his headmaster, David Yates, was more complimentary saying, “Noorul is a very outgoing member of staff, a real character. He’s very popular with both the staff and students and we are really proud to have him working here.

There are also rumours that he and Ben Clarke, another candidate have clashed repeatedly in the series, with Noorul twitting Ben about the red braces he wears (Ben is a trainee stockbroker). In the opening episode of the series, Noorul introduced himself by saying “I love the sound of my own voice”, which doesn’t bode well at all. He says if he doesn’t win he will either go into property development or start a mens fashion business. 

Update 15th April 2009. Noorul had a very lucky escape in week four. he was team leader and he was completely rubbish. No leadership, poor selling skills, his product was rubbish. He was only saved by the fact that the other team made a massive error on costs. But his card is marked. I feel that the first chance Sir Alan gets, he will fire Noorul. Noorul’s only hope is that he on future winning teams or that he suddenly makes a dramatic (and improbable) improvement in performance.

Update 28th April 2009 Noorul’s pupils continue to have fun at his expense. They’ve now revealed that he sometimes wears clothes meant for women, eg a leather jacket, because the men’s versions are too big for him.

Update 29th April 2009. Noorul got fired in episode six. He performed better in this task than Ben the team manager, but I think got fired because episode four, where he was team leader and won, but didn’t show great leadership skills.

Update 5th May 2009 The Mirror reveals that Noorul goes for older women. The 33 year old Noorul is currently seeing 58-year-old Lynn McNulty. Noorul says they are friends: “Lynn and I have been good friends since we met in 2003. She was very supportive when my partner died in 2005 and we have stayed close ever since.”


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