Are imaginary friends good for children?

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Unlike other creatures on this world humans have a lot of imagination. This starts working since we are kids. i believe imagination makes a child think and learn about this world. Kids must be encouraged by their parents to express them self.

There is nothing wrong with your kid if he wants to play with a friend he created in his mind. A lot of kids go though this stage and that helps them play. By playing kids learn things. If you forbid him to talk about his imaginary new friend you simply forbid him to express him self free.

Many parents confuse this with a mental disease and they get in panic. There is absolutely nothing to worry though. As they grow they realisethe difference between imagination and reality. This situation becomes worrying if the child doesn’t have any real friends. You should encourage him to make friends and play with other kids too. If a kid does not have any friends he becomes shy and sad. Remember that the first steps in life are the most important. They form our personality and helps us build self confidence. Just by having a lot of self confidence we can have a successful carrier later on and also be happy in our personal life.

To help him make real friends also you should go out in a public PARC for kids. There as you make your self friends with other parents, encourageyour kid to play with their children. What else you can do is to invite kids at your home so they can play together under your supervention. Also a very good thing to do is to talk with his kinder teacher to check if he is playing with other kids and if he is behaving like a normal kid. As long as there are not any problems i don’t see why an imaginary friend should be a reason to worry.

Communication with your kid is very important. You should always talk to him and explain him things. Children asks a lot of questions about every little thing. Even if you have a busy day take your time to answer to each question so that he can understand. Also when you talk about this ”firend” try to explain to him that he is not real. Make him see the difference between reality and whats in his head.

So just let your kid wild imagination run free and at all time talk to him and try to guide his first steps in life! His very best friends should be his parents. Don’t forbid him things just explain why he is supposed to do things the way you ask him to. So for example if the imaginary friend becomes too real in his mind and keeps him away from other kids try to show him that even though he’s not doing anything wrong imagination is not the same thing with real life.


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