Make Money Online in College on your Personal Computer

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**Write online articles**

If you are an expert in a particular field, you can get paid for writing articles online. Websites such as Bukisa, eHow, Associated Content and Info Barrell all paid monthly for written contributions. You can write articles that inform, educate or entertain. For example, if you are a Business major you can start writing business articles to use as part of your resume.

**Write a blog**

Another suggestion is to begin writing a blog. Blogs are great because they provide people with information that is hard to find anywhere else. If you are a college senior, you can start a blog for freshmen and sophmores. Post the website link all over campus and before you know it your blog will be available to college students across America.

**Sell items online**

You can make money online by selling items that people want and need. If you go to garage sales and buy items for cheap, you can post them on craigslist and ebay. Also, you can get free items from the trash that people are throwing away. I heard about a guy who bought old golf clubs, cleaned them up and then resold them online.

**Conduct research**

Many companies spend money on researching their customers. Maybe you should consider starting your own online researching service? For example, a company may want to know when people use their goods and services. Instead of paying a professional company thousands of dollars, they can pay you hundreds. If you are a marketing major this is a great online business idea.

**Editing and Proofreading**

For Journalism and English majors, you can start an editing and proofreading business online. Small business owners are always looking for someone to edit their marketing flyers and letters. You can start a small business of your own online and start creating a resume for the future.


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