Midnight Sonata -Poetry by Ranjan Mathews

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Lit ablaze by the setting sun

The evening parade has just begun

Trailing scent of white jasmines

Bring promises of things enchanting

My fantasies turn wild

As the sky turns violet-blue-black

Raising torrid expectations

Temptations more sexciting

Than the wild toss of her head

Scattering astray her silken black tresses

Waiting to be played upon

Like lyre-strings extended taut

Gushing forth melodies bitter-sweet

Her silver anklet jingles

Keeping steady time

In andante and allegro

The Midnight Sonata rages on …..

Passing stages of spent fury

The night sky glows blushing

As pining midnight stars get bolder

Breaking virgin horizons afresh

Enacting tales of love above

Twinkling away burning bright

And I stay fast upbeat

But my fantasies burn out

Like a shooting star plunging!


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