Secrets to a Happy Marriage

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Marriage is the social institution and it is very vital part of human beings. Now there is a close proximity between marriage and romance.  Nuptial ceremony is the realistic shape of love. It permits the young couples to lead conjugal life. It gives the recognition to their lifelong bond or relationship. In this modern age, human lifestyle becomes much more complicated. Therefore men and women face a number of shortcomings to lead their happy and peaceful marriage life. It is not easy task to live together peacefully. For this particular reason, the guardians of the society try to find out possible ways to let married couples to live freely without any breach of peace and tranquility. Too much disturbance in private life will definitely compel married people to opt for divorce and lawful separation. 

Keeping in mind the basic requirements of people, a number of marriage counseling centers have been set up by a team of experts and doctors who provide effective advice to those who face the problems in their relationships after marriage. Happy marriage basically relies on the mutual understanding and to what extent both partners show leniency and tolerance towards each other. Both must be responsible to do their duties. Self sacrifice is another important factor to make marriage successful. Trust and forgiveness are also very vital points to strengthen the rapport between bride and groom.   However, there are many guys who have strong exception to the magnitude of the importance of so called marriage. They think that human relationship is fast changing with the current of the modern times. It is the age for sophisticated science and technology. Under the full glare of globalization and owing to the massive commercial impact on the society, men are right now fighting a lot to get the financial stability. A man is seen to work through day and night to earn livelihood. It is also seen that both hubby and wife live separately in different states as they serve in different companies. In this particular case, there is very little chance to live together and lead a happy marriage life. Therefore, many young adults are fast losing faith in such conventional type of human bond. They prefer living together system which will free them from any legal bond or commitment after getting married. 

As per the survey report given by the National Centre for Social Research, young boys and girls show their reluctance to live together for the whole life. They want liberty getting out of any social bond or commitment. To get peaceful life, hubby and wife must come to a point of compromise where they can feel free to talk to each other frankly. That means good communication can simplify lot of intricacies and problems in private life.  Keeping intimacy is so urgent that one can’t lead marriage life without love and romance. Sexual life is perhaps the most vital part of marriage. If couples are unable to get sexually satisfied, life seems to be barren and desolate. Lastly, both soul mates appreciate the good features of each other. This type of appreciation or praise will certainly help them to solve many problems. A successful marriage is based on the powerful foundation of mutual trust, respect, commitment, pure love and patience. 


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