Reduce Your Weight by Sleeping Longer

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There are at least two dozens of research show that people would gain weight by reducing their sleeping time. Sanjay Pate, M.D, from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, has done a study for 16 years and had almost 70.000 women participator. Sanjay and his team discovered that around 30 percent women who slept 5 hours or less in a night would gain 13,6kg more than women who slept longer. Even, some experts believe that insufficient sleeping time is one of many epidemic factors which can cause obesity in that country. National Sleep Foundation explained that most women who slept 6 hours and 40 minutes each night, much less than minimum need which is 7,5 hours for a healthy woman.

Michael Breus, Ph.D, and Steven Lamm, M.D, who came from other team, has done another research on seven women with various weight. Those women were asked to sleep for at least 7,5 hours each night. Those women were asked not to do any diet or physical exercises at all. These conditions were meant to see wether the decreasing weight was truly an effect of sufficient sleeping time. And for the result, in 10 weeks, woman with 25-35 years old lose 2,7kg to 6,8kg of her weight.

Instead of those facts, what is the real correlation between sleeping time and body mass?

Sleep will reduce hormone which control appetite and lipid metabolism. If you noticed, you ate more when you were tired. According to Breus, when a woman sleep less, ghrelin concentration will rise. This hormone will make you want to eat more and more again. Instead of it, leptin concentration wpuld decrease. Leptin is a hormone that will reduce your appetite when you are full.

When we sleep, our brain will produce a growth hormone in a mass production and will force our body to use our body lipid as a power source. When we sleep less, and when calories are kept as lipid, there will be insufficient growth hormone to consume the lipid. Our body will take a shortcut and store those lipid in our butt, limb, stomach, or anywhere possible.

Lisa Braverman (34), a woman who lose 4kg and 6,3cm of breast, hip, and waist diameter, said that her body’s changes were very stunning because she didn’t change any of her habits except her sleeping habit.

Maybe you had a problem in scheduling you sleeping time because of your business. But remember, the key is : if you think that reducing your body mass and gaining a healthy life are more important for you, than make it as a priority from now on.


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