Natural Remedies for Curing Cataract

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Cataract is one of the most common diseases of the eye. The actual meaning of the term cataract is waterfall and refers to the opacity of the crystalline lens of the eye. This condition is mainly caused by the humor of the brain falling over the pupil.

The first symptom of cataract is a blurred vision. The patient finds it difficult to see things in focus. As the disease advances, the patient may get spots or double vision or both. During the initial stages, vision in twilight may be better than in full daylight. But in more advanced stages objects and persons may appear as blobs of light. Final stage is characterized by grayish white discoloration of the pupil.

Cataract is often found in association with other defects of the eye. There are number of factors that contribute to the loss of transparency of lens namely deterioration in the nutrition of lens which diminishes the resistance and vitality of the delicate lens fibers;  stagnation of fluid current in the lens resulting from blood circulation; deposits between the lens fibers of salts and acids which have an irritating effect on the lens tissues and exert an increasing pressure on its delicate fibers clouding whole lens in absence of appropriate measures.

Other causes include poor nutrition, stress and strain, excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, smoking, certain physical ailments like diabetes, gastro intestinal and gall bladder disturbances and deficiencies of essential vitamins.

Nature Cure for Cataract: Cataract is a stubborn condition to deal with in advanced stages and nothing except a surgical operation can cure this condition. But in the early stages natural remedies are not only beneficial and helpful in curing this disease but also removing its basic cause.

The treatment should first commence by a thorough cleansing of the system of the accumulated toxic matter. To begin with the patient should be put on a fast of orange juice and water for about four days. A warm water enema should be administered daily during this period for cleansing the bowels.

The patient should thereafter switch to a restricted diet for fifteen days. During this period breakfast consisting of oranges, grapes or any other juicy fruit should be taken. Lunch should consist of raw vegetable salads with a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil, figs and dates and soaked raisins. Evening meals may consist of vegetables such as cabbage, drumsticks, cauliflower, spinach, fenugreeks, turnips, carrots and a few fruits such as apples, grapes and pears. Potatoes and bread should be strictly avoided during this period. The patient may gradually embark to a well balanced diet after this period.

Foods such as tea, coffee, cream, white bread, sugar, boiled potatoes, rice, sauces, alcoholic beverages, condiments and pickles should be avoided by a patient suffering from cataract.

Use of aniseed is considered to be very effective remedy for cataract. The patient should take about five grams of aniseed daily in the morning and evening. Equal proportions of aniseed and coriander powder mixed with brown sugar are also useful in the treatment of this disease and the mixture should be taken in doses of about eleven grams in the morning and evening.

Another beneficial remedy for cataract is to grind six kernels of almonds and half a gram of pepper together and drink the mixture after sweetening it with sugar candy. The mixture helps the eyes to regain its vigor and vitality.

Along with natural foods the patient should also perform certain eye exercises such as moving the eyes up and down gently, from side to side in circles and semicircles and briskly moving the shoulders clockwise and anti clockwise.

In cases where the cataract has been caused by stress a diet rich in pantothenic acid, Vitamins B, C, E, proteins and nutrients should be taken by the patient.

Above all fresh air and outdoor exercises such as walking are other effective measures to overcome the problem. Finally last but not the least, exposure to bright light and heat should be avoided as far as possible.


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