Final decision on captaincy in SA: Shah Rukh

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In the midst of a rift, Kolkata Knight Riders top brass met owner Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai on Tuesday but decided to take a final decision on the captaincy issue at a later stage.

Team coach John Buchanan and Sourav Ganguly had a lengthy discussion with Shah Rukh Khan to sort out the issue, which has rocked the team ahead of the second edition of the Indian Premier League.

Sources said that it was decided to have just one captain for the entire tournament and the final decision on the skipper as well the squad will be taken in South Africa where the IPL will be held this year.

Sourav Ganguly could be back in the driver’s seat after a four hour meeting with Kolkata Knight Riders boss SRK in Mumbai yesterday (March 31).

After a day long suspense of the Kolkata Knight Riders captaincy row King Khan towrds the end of the day spelled out the truce called within the camp also indicating that Sourav Ganguly would still be the main man for his team in South Africa.

“There is no Kolkata Knight Riders without Dada”, asserted team owner Shah Rukh Khan while rubbishing speculation that Sourav Ganguly was being sidelined by coach John Buchanan’s idea to have multiple captains for the Indian Premier League second season.

“Honestly, there is a lot of confusion. It’s silly it was never meant to something that was anti-Dada. It appears as though he (Ganguly) is being removed from captaincy, which is completely untrue, which even John knows and he stands by it. I was taken aback when I read it,” Khan told reporters.

“This was supposed to be done with John and Sourav together. There is no Kolkata Knight Riders without Dada. His decisions, his thoughts are very important for the team. So, there is some miscommunication that happened I think,” he added.

According to the idea put forth by Buchanan, Ganguly will have to share the captaincy with three others — New Zealand Brendon McCullum, West Indies’ Chris Gayle and Laxmi Ratan Shukla.

“The idea is to have a set of strategists as is always the case classically in cricket, who will form a team of 4-5 experts in the field. These coaches or strategists will assist the one captain on field. The captain for the team is one and one only as is the case in most sports. All internal decisions are taken collectively by the core cricketing team which comprises of John, Sourav, Matthew Mott and a few others. There is no dissent on that ever. We’ll take the call on the issue of captain, vice-captain, the team post the sessions in South Africa prior to the first game,” added SRK.



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