What Can Be Done for a Child Who is Overweight?

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So what can be done if your child is withdrawn, perhaps watches too much television, and spends too much time playing video games, and lack the confidence to join activities with peers because of a weight problem?

Here are five simple steps that may help your child or adolescent to avoid becoming an obese adult, while also improving the health of your family:

1. Acknowledge that there is a problem with your child’s weight and learn about healthy food preparation and eating practices. Become informed. Do not follow fad diets, and do not limit the variety of food taken.

2. Talk to your child about his or her problem with love and support, and offer help. Gently take charge of the situation with his or her permission. Help can come from you, your doctor, or a dietician. A psychologistmay be able to give your family counseling as a unit, or you may prefer to consult a marriage counselor and take the first step in helping your child. There is help available. Do not give up.

3. Buy healthy food. Do not be tempted to fill your cupboards with convenience foods high in fats and sugars. Provide balanced meals, and serve portions that that suit the needs of each family member. Provide alternative low-calorie foods, if necessary for snacking.

4. Involve your child in more activities. Take things gently at first. Make some fundamental reuls regarding the time to be spent watching television, or playing computer or video games, and involve the the family in physical activities that you and your child will enjoy. Keep a record of your child’s weight and encourage the venture. Reward him or her for even small steps of success.

5. Finally, if you are overweight, nothing is better than being a good example. Work together on the problem. Be your child’s buddy.


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