Mysore – A city with an old world charm..

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The greatest advantage Mysore has is its close proximity to Bangalore which is connected to most parts of India and other major destinations across the globe.

The beauty of Mysore is its old world charm, the old rambling houses, the great palaces of the once popular ruling Royal family the Vadayars.
The weather is very pleasant all round the year ..

There are lots to see here beginning with the Palaces.There are a total of 4 palaces out of which only a part of the main palace located in the centre of the city is in the possession of the existing Prince .
The rest of the palaces have been taken over by the governement and converted into museums and an elegant Hotel atop the Chamundi hills.
The just over Dusserah celebrations are the main attraction of Mysore, the festivities go on for 9 days and culminate on Vijaya Dashami and the whole city comes alive on these days with cultural programmes and the final Jamboo sawari when the Godess Chamundi is carried on a Royal Elephant back round the city.

There is a zoo which is probably one of the best maintained with a very large number of animals and a animal nursery is one of the largest zoos in Asia.
There is the enchantinf Brindavan gadens built by the side of a large water resevoir, K.R.Sagar, which attracts a lot of tourists from India and elsewhere.Besides the well maintained vast flower garden , there is a musical fountain show at night here.

There are a number of old churches with some great architecture and many beautiful temples.

This city makes me feel nostalgic as it reminds me of old Bangalore which was traditional and yet was a very cosmopolitan city.
Mysore has some of the best vegetarian restaurants like Dasa Prakash, Ramanashree and some hotels like the Mariotte being housed in an old colonial house surrounded by lush greenery.This place has awesome food , Indian and continental..

One can go to Coorg from here which is just about 70 kilometers away and the other places of interest around Mysore include Bandipur the protected forest area which has guest houses run by the forest department and a safari included with the cost.

Close to Mysore is Sreeranga patna with its old fort still intact with the old city within the fort , the fort built by Tippu Sultan.There is Ranganthittu a bird sanctuary with a lake and river flowing around a little island that gets submeged during monsoons.This is a place worth visiting as it has one or the other species of migratory and nesting birds all the time .

There are a number of water falls around Mysore, the Shivana samudra falls, Hogenekal falls and Meke daatu which are all ideal picnic spots and easily accessible from Mysore.

I have visited Mysore a dozen or more times and i love this city with its wide tree lined avenues and slow pace of life and the jasmine markets the famous sweet Mysore pak.. I see it not changing much during my past visits , however, now since the past 5-6 years one can see a lot of changes with the IT boom happening there as well.T
Its proximity of Bangalore has benefited Mysore in this.Most IT companies are extending their operations to Mysore as it is a lot cheaper than Bangalore in every respect.
But having said that this very shift has hiked the property prices up and now Mysore is competing with Bangalore in every way…

Summary: A place that has lots of interesting things to see and do..


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