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oogle is the most used search enginen in the world, it gets million of hits every single day but there are some secret tricks that most people don’t know, and today, i will explain to you how to use these tricks.

1- Search a specific site.
site:(URL) (keyword)
write the word “site” and a “:” with the site you want to search with no spaces between site: and the actual site so if i want to search for funny accidents it would be:
“ funny accidents”
and i would only get search results from youtube for that keyword.

2- Searching using “inurl”
inurl could be very usefull, for example lets say you are searching an educational site which usually ends with “.edu” you would go like this: (keyword)
if you are looking for a specific document in an educational site that is in doc or pdf formation you would search the following: inurl:.pdf (keyword)
OR inurl:.doc (keyword)
when i searched inurl:.pdf register
i got registeration forms for universities

These are the two most used tricks on Google, there are a few more but other tricks aren’t as useful.

There is something else that isn’t really a trick, it is something that not a lot of people know of which is “Google Labs” it is very interesting and i think everyone should learn more about it visit my profile page:
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