How to Determine What Your Savings Bonds Are Worth Today

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Do you have any paper savings bonds? Maybe you have some your grandparents bought you for Christmas years ago. Maybe you came across some old bonds while cleaning out your attic. Where ever you have them socked away, dig them out and find out what they are worth today.

If you have any EE bonds, I bonds, E bonds or savings notes you may be able to find out their present day value using the savings bond calculator at

Gather your bonds and have them in hand. You will need the denomination, the series, the serial number and the issue date. Without all the information on the actual bonds themselves you will not be able to find out their worth. It is always smart to keep a log of the bonds that you have and all of their information so that in the event they are lost or stolen you will be able to have them replaced.

Copy and paste this address into your tool bar.

Once you are on the Fderal Government’s Treasury web site, complete the form with all the information you found on your bonds, click submit and find out what they are worth.

Remember, you should cash in your U.S. Savings bonds if they have completely matured because once they have matured they will no longer be earning interest and you will essentially be allowing the governement to hold on to your money for free. So cash is those mature bonds and reinvest them so your money will continue to make you more money.


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