How to Find Out If Your Savings Bonds Are Still Earning Interest

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Just because you have savings bonds doesn’t mean that they are still earning you money. Dont’ just let them keep sitting in your sock drawer, find out if your bonds are still earning, if not cash them in and reinvest them.

If your savings bonds have matured, they are not earning interest and there is no sense in hanging on to them. If you aren’t cashing them because you are considering them as a type of savings, you’d be better off cashing them in and depositing the funds into a high interest account so that your money continues to make you money.

It’s important to check on your bonds every now and again to see if they have matured. If they have it’s time to turn them in and collect your money.

If your bonds are not fully matured you can find out how long you can expect them to keep earing interest.

Collect your bonds and have them in front of you, you’ll need the information on them.

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