Pacquiao – Hatton Now Official on May Two

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I am very excited for this match between the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao against England’s most famous boxer, Ricky Hatton. I consider this as one of Pacquaio’s anticipated fights. It will all happen on May 2 in MGM Grand Las Vegas which is like a month away!

Manny Pacquaio is currently training harder for this fight since Hatton is also an aggressive fighter. Many said that  Hatton’s best move is his deadly left hook which is also Manny’s specialty when he was starting as a boxer. Since Paquaio changed coach 7 years ago (Freddie Roach), he also changed a lot from a very aggressive with no direction type of boxer to an aggressive, well-disciplined, analytical and speedy fighter. He just concquered Oscar de la Hoya in their fight last December which shocked the whole world and paid more respect to him as the first Asian boxer who came up that far.

Philippines is a great place for boxing and billard talents. Paquaio’s victories is first since the time of Pancho Villa and Flash Elorde (Filipino known boxers) during 1970’s and he even exceeded their victories and popularities. This great legacy became a great tool to unite people of his native country who celebrates with him as he wins and fights with him as he fights.

Pacquiao will be entering a new slot / territory when he faces Hatton, who is considered the king of the 140-lbs division. He will have to go down 7 lbs to Hatton’s turf.

Pacquiao was the first Filipino to win in three divisions in a single year after he defetead Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez at 130 lbs and then David Diaz at 135 lbs. Most of his opponents were Mexicans – also a top place for great boxers in the world; his fans called him “Mexicutioner”.
The Filipino boxing icon’s last victory and according to him is his sweetest victory in his career, was the legendary, huge, historic and unbelievable fight against boxing legend Golden boy Oscar dela Hoya.

Paquaio-Hatton’s fight  as reports said Arum had confirmed Pacquiao agreed to a 52-48 split in his favor and a $12 million guaranteed purse. Mark your calendar for this fight on May 2!


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