How To Clean Silk Flowers

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Over a certain period of time silk flower arrangements start to look dull or even dusty. In order, to refresh your blooms it is essential to clean them. The following contains several methods to cleaning silk flowers. Remember; never use hot water for cleaning as this will melt the silk flowers and make them fall out.  

Buy a silk flower cleaning spray, which is specially formulated to dissolve dust, dirt, and grime, leaving the silk flower looking fresh.

Use a hair dryer to blow dust particle away while holding your silk flowers over the sink. Blast them with the cool air setting and rinse away any debris that lands in the sink.

Wipe accessible areas gently with a damp cloth or moist cotton swabs.

Use the vacuum by covering the vacuum hose opening with a sock or pantyhose secured with a rubber band, and suck up the dust from your silk plants without damaging the leaves.

Wipe your silk flowers with a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will attract the grime like a magnet and leave behind a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Use a 50/50 mixture of water and rubbing alcohol and spray until the dust starts to run off the plants. It will dry quickly and leave your silk flowers looking fresh and new.

Additional Information:  Avoid drying the silk flowers in the sun, as the sunshine may cause the color to fade.


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