How to Conserve Water and Be Water Smart With Your Yard

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Your landscape is a great place to start saving water and money; since roughly half of the water you use is to keep your yard nice and green.

In the typical California home landscaping accounts for about 50% of the total water usage, while showers and toilets are only accounting for about 18-20% of water usage each.

Here are some helpful tips to conserve water in your yard and start saving on your next water bill.

2630939658ebb90e4e15_Thumb.jpg *LOOK FOR LEAKS* check your irrigation system for leaks and fix them. Don’t forget to check the hose bib, these often leak where the hose connects to the spigot. It’s an easy fix with some Teflon tape to keep it from leaking while in use. Save even more water by turning it off when your done with the hose.

effect2_Thumb.jpg *USE WASTE WATER* check to see if the water authority in your area offers a program to use properly treated wastewater for irrigation, like they do in Denver, Colorado.

 04260801morningshower_Thumb.jpg *WATER IN THE MORNING* Water your lawn or garden during the coolest part of the day to minimize evaporation. Don’t water on windy days or lots of the water you pay for will simply blow away.

 deeproots-gs_Thumb.jpg *WATER LONGER & LESS FEQUENTLY* Trees and shrubs have deep root systems and can be watered less frequently than more shallow rooted plants.

 waterresize_Thumb.jpg *ADJUST YOUR SPRINKLERS* adjust your sprinklers to spray only your landscape areas and not your sidewalks, walkways & streets.

 Irrigation_Thumb.jpg *USE BARK, MULCH, ETC* to cover the ground around your garden plants to minimize the amount of water that evaporates from the soil surface during the day.


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