Biography: Lorraine Tighe

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Lorraine Tighe is 36 and was born in London but now loves in Kent with her two children as a single parent. She left school at 16 but got into sales and lists her career as National Accounts Manager.

There is some controversy surrounding her as we go into the second episode of The Apprentice. The Mirror reports that her father, a construction tycoon Jim Tighe, is under investigation by the Inland Revenue for unpaid tax estimated to be £8 million, and a European arrest warrant is out for him, because he left Kent for Dublin as his business empire collapsed. He is on bail pending an appeal to the Irish Supreme Court regarding his extradition back to Britain. Lorraine Tighe insists that she has nothing to do with her father’s books. However she did work in his offices from 2000 to 2003.

She may be innocent, but the existence of a tycoon father puts a different spin on things. In her Apprentice blurb, she said “I’ve fought against the odds. I’m a single mum with no education and I’ve had a very hard time” which makes you think she’s from some sink council estate. Of course a single mum who left school at 16 from an estate is in a very different position from a woman who left school at 16 but who has a rich father who can offer you work at his firm for several years…

It will be interesting to see how she behaves in the forthcoming episodes.

Update 22nd April 2009 Lorraine was taken into the boardroom in episode five, where she was at odds with both team leader Kimberly Davis and fellow contestant Philip Taylor. She avoided being sacked only because Sir Alan had not seen her perform as team leader, so it’s odds on that she is team leader for the next task.

Bits of news keep coming out about Lorraine. The Mirror revealed she got banned from flying again with BMI after she and some friends got drunk and hurled abuse at the plane’s crew in 1994.  She has also apparently told the New of the World newspaper that she enjoyed orgies and swinging after an experience in Amsterdam (!)

Update 29th April 2009 Lorraine got praised in the boardroom by Sir Alan’s sidekick Margaret Mountford for having good instincts. This is the second week in a row her instincts about a project have been correct but the rest of her team have failed to listen to her.

Update 6th May 2009 Lorraine was team leader in episode seven, and her team lost. The only thing that saved her was that the rest of her team clearly weren’t trying and made no sales (whereas she did). But her card is marked. One more slip-up and Sir Alan will get rid of her.

Update 20th May 2009. Lorraine was team leader again, and her team won. She has clearly come a long way and improved since earlier episodes. She’s actually a very likeable and interesting character who is clearly bright and goos at lateral thinking. She has potential in this contest and may go further.

Updte 3rd June 2009 Lorraine got fired in the interview episode, which was expected. Her personality and style was just too quirky for her to proceed further in the contest.


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