How to Control Weeds In Your Yard & Garden Naturally – ECO FRIENDLY

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Keeping your yard & gardenmag-glass_10x10.gif beautiful and weed free doesn’t mean you have to drench it in chemicals. Here are some natural ways to keep those weeds from taking over.

What better place to go “green” than in the garden!

BradfieldNaturalHorticultureVinegar_Thum *USE HORTICULTURAL VINEGAR* as an herbicide. Household vinegar doesn’t have enough “kick” in it to kill the roots; it will burn down the shoot but if the roots are not destroyed the weed will come back. Horticultural vinegar is a 20% concentration, while household vinegar is only 5% concentration.

The horticultural vinegar will kill more than just weeds so I wouldn’t recommend using it on your lawn. However, it is a great solution to controlling the weeds in your dry creek beds, side walk joints, the joints & cracks in your driveway or spot killing.

*USE CLOVE OIL OR CITRIC OIL PRODUCTS* (check the active ingrediants on the packaging) as with the horticultural vinegar these will burn the shoots and roots of vegetation. These oils are not as strong as the vinegar, so if your weed control needs aren’t serious enough to use the vinegar this may be the way to go. Keep in mind though, that if you pour this too close to your prized petunias it will probably kill them too.

corn20gluten_Thumb.jpg *CORN GLUTEN MEAL* can be used as a pre-emergent weed control. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent germinating weeds from establishing themselves by not allowing the root system to develop. However, it won’t harm your already rooted lawn.

Corn gluten meal can be used just like any other pre-emergent weed control, spread directly on your lawn. This should be done in early spring, before annual grass weeds begin to grow. Be sure to water your lawn after spreading the corn gluten meal, because it won’t work without water.

The bonus to using corn gluten is that it also adds nitrogen back into the soil acting as a fertilizer to keep your grass green.

Corn Gluten Meal is the ideal organic “Weed & Feed”; and you can find it at pretty much any nursery or home improvementmag-glass_10x10.gif store, just ask.

 12generallawncare_Thumb.jpg *KEEP A THICK, LUSH LAWN* having a healthy & thick lawn is the ultimate eco-friendly way to keep weeds at bay. A thick, dense lawn makes it hard for weeds to grow because there is simply no room for the weeds to take root.

So if your going to put in a new lawn choose a variety that has wide blades as opposed to thin grass blades. This will help ensure a more complete coverage of your soil, making it harder for weeds to make a home in your yard.


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