How to Choose the Right Wedding Decorators

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The would- be- bride and bridegroom usually choose the venue of their wedding along with close family and friends.     Weddings can be formal or casual.    Formal weddings usually take place in churches and casual weddings take place in halls or any place you may choose to tie the knot in.  In the former case, wedding decorations must suit the inside décor of the church but you will not be able to decorate the place to your heart’s content unless you get consent from the authorities.  Marriages conducted in halls give you all the freedom to decorate the place according to your good taste.

Gone are the days when the bride and her family decorated the wedding venue, usually the bride’s house itself with lots of balloons, exotic flowers etc; In this modern age, people hire decorators for their wedding, who take up all the work of decorating the wedding venue and transforming into something that would stun the guests.  It is the artistic talent of the decorators, which alters the mood and face of the venue.  You should hunt for the expert decorators who are well known for their decorative talents.  Otherwise, entrusting the work with an amateur can turn out to be a disaster.   The easiest way to hire talented artists to decorate the venue is by referrals.  Consider your friend’s opinion and act accordingly.  One important thing you should remember is to incorporate your own ideas with that of the decorators and create something unique and splendid.  After all it is your wedding and you have a right to do your bit of decoration!  Most of the decorators incorporate the clients’ idea with their own.  If they don’t, consider them to be unfit to work with. 

Decorators tend to apply the same kind of techniques, design or theme of decoration for most of the weddings they are hired to handle.  If you are an artistic person, you can guide them and make them do it the way you like.  Colors should be chosen suiting the mood of the ceremony.  Try to use bright colors and bright flowers to bring out the best moods during the ceremony.

An important aspect you should remember before going in for the decorators is to consider your budget.  Always try to work out everything within the framework of your budget so that it does not land you in debt after the wedding.  Decorating the place with fresh flowers is cheap and would look lovely as well. Other venue enhancements like balloons, candles, lace, Satins, silks etc would greatly enhance the ambience of the venue if used in the correct manner.   Most of the decorators have catalogues to give you an idea of the type of decorations they can do and also the rates charged for each design.  The decorators must also be informed of your idea as to how the place should look like.  Otherwise, your wedding venue will have a common look. Make the decorations so attractive such that the D-Day is ever memorable for both of you and the guests as well.


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