How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue

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You can have your wedding in a church, a beach, a ballroom, a Victorian home, your favorite local restaurant or even on a cruise ship. Selecting the perfect wedding facility is vital for just any couple planning nuptials. 

A wedding can be arranged just about anywhere. But churches, homes and auditoriums are the venues preferred by most. Some of these common venues will offer some services like the services of a photographer, a minister, a florist, DJs, entertainers etc. Finding such a venue with all the facilities needed for the ceremony and the reception will save a lot of your valuable time and energy. If you are looking for a unique location, which the guests will never forget, you can try a winery or a cruise ship for your wedding. Use the Internet or ask your friends and family to suggest some suitable venues for the wedding.

You should find some time to sit down with your fiancé and think of all possible venues to make your wedding a truly unique experience for the guests. You may note down the things you want to have at the wedding location like water, greenery etc. If you want water all around you when you tie the knot, look for a luxury yacht or a cruise ship. You may also try the beachfront hotels or resorts, riverfront venues or even a beautiful poolside lawn. If you want a beach or a park for your wedding location, you will require permission from the concerned authorities. Make sure the rules do not stop you from having the kind of wedding you have been longing for all your life.

When you choose a facility like a banquet hall or an auditorium, do check a few things like how long they have been in the business, the best event organized by them and so on. Also make sure the hall is big enough to contain your guests, that the air conditioner works alright, that it is possible to rearrange the furniture if necessary etc. Involve the event planner and the caterer in deciding the venue. The wedding package some of the fine wedding venues offer will include bouquets, champagne, entertainment, photography, and the services of a minister, florist, chef etc.

A couple planning to get married usually has time of 6 months to one year to plan their wedding. If you have more time on your hands to find the right location, try to find some unique themes and venues for the wedding ceremony. After making a list of the possible venues, take some time to visit these places along with your fiancé. Once you have decided the venue, talk to the director and give him an idea of the type of wedding you are planning. Go through the contract, check guarantees and warrantees and check for hidden surprises if there are any and show it to your betrothed before signing it. It will be a good idea to let the friends and family see the venue before signing the contract, especially if any of them are helping you financially for the wedding. This will also give them a chance to make the most important event of your life a truly memorable one.


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