How to Choose the Best Wedding Cake

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Nowadays, even wedding cakes have become modernized. You have a variety of options to choose from. Choosing the perfect wedding cake is something that requires a great deal of time and attention. You can directly approach shops, browse through the colorful catalogues and select the cake of your choice. You can also request for custom made cakes that suit your taste and preference. The wedding cake should ideally reflect the theme of the wedding, the personality of the wedding couple and the confectionery creativity of the artist responsible for its creation.

Wedding cakes can be made in all sizes and shapes. The size of the cake would depend upon the number of guests you plan to invite. The cake base can be fluffy like sponge, chiffon or dense like the pound cake. The icing is usually made of butter cream. However, there are several options offered for the icing like foam, fudge, flat, royal and fondant icing. You can also have a choice of flavors for the cake like custard, chocolate, coconut, butterscotch etc. The flavors can also be mixed to suit the liking of relatives or guests. The French mostly have the Croquembouche at their weddings and the Danish, the Kransekage whereas Italians have layers of cookies or biscuits interwoven together to make a wedding cake. The cake toppers also need not be the traditional ones, and you can go for innovative ideas and get hearts, doves, bells, and even gold rings placed on the cake.

Cakes can be ordered to match the theme of the wedding too. The colors that match your wedding theme are added onto the cake through various trimmings like ribbons, candies, fruits and flowers. You would be surprised at the wonders your baker can do when it comes to decorating wedding cakes. The patience and creativity that goes into making the perfect floral patterns and intricate details are worth appreciating. A relatively new option is printing pictures on the wedding cake.

The location and season when the wedding is scheduled is also important while ordering a cake. You could always approach bakeries to make custom made cakes. The baker can also give you an idea of the cakes in season i.e. the recent trends or the fruits in season so that you can have an exotic cake made of seasonal fruits. A creative family member could do it for you at a lesser cost. Custom designed wedding cakes with multiple tiers and any unique creative additions will be the talk of the town for days afterwards and it would make your day even more special.


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