How to Choose the Best Photographer for Your Wedding

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If you don’t want to miss a single moment and wish to capture it in all its glory, it is very important to find the best photographer for your wedding. You and your fiancé can put your thoughts together to discuss how you want your pictures to be taken, the amount you want to spend on photography, how to identify the best photographer in town, how many pictures you want taken, how you want them printed and so on.

There are some important things you should keep in mind while looking for a wedding photographer like the type of camera (Digital, Analogue or Medium format camera) the photographer uses. The medium format was considered the best option for wedding photography earlier. The film used for shooting was bigger than the 35mm negative. This has a higher resolution and can be enlarged without losing picture quality. The quality of the enlarged photos taken with the 35mm cameras has improved recently and it is also easier to focus and shoot. With the introduction of digital cameras, many wedding photographers have switched from medium format and 35mm cameras to digital cameras because of their user-friendly nature and the quality of the pictures they offer. The type of camera the photographer uses can have an impact on your budget and the lighting of the venue also will have to be changed accordingly.

Locating the best photographer to cover your special day is the single most important thing you need to worry about. Make a list of all good photographers in town from the Yellow Pages, similar directories, the Internet or by consulting your friends. Before finalizing on the photographer, you should check the photos he has taken before, especially in similar venues. He will have some pictures in his studio or you can find them online. You can also get a feedback from his old clients. Photographers have different deals, which will include services like stills, enlargements, binding, video etc. You can tell them your ideas of how you want your wedding pictures. You also need to tell him how many days he will have to work and about the venue of the wedding. Some photographers prefer working in natural light. Remember that the ambience and lighting are very important in getting high quality pictures.

You can see the contracts he has signed earlier to get an idea of his contract details and services. You can gather price quotes for developing, printing and binding photos from different photographers.  Be specific on the type of paper to be used for printing pictures, date of delivery and the date of payments in your contract. Meet the short listed photographers from your list personally before fixing the deal. Remember that he has to work very closely with you on your special day. His attitude and behavior can make a big difference to the pace of the ceremony and you also need to feel comfortable working with him.

This is your magical day. You need to find the best wedding photographer to shoot your wedding because the pictures have to keep the sweet memories alive for generations to come. A good photographer can bring this special day to life with a range of charming and beautiful photographs. Make sure that you get the best quality for the best price in town.


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