What is ezinearticles?

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Ezinearticles is the number one, most popular article directory site on the internet. The fact that ezinearticles has acquired this status represents something of an achievement in itself, given that there are over 520 article directories currently live online (and that figure expands almost every day).

Such an article directory site is a place where people can submit articles that they have themselves written in order to have them published online. Other internet users can then visit this directory site, and read articles written and published by other ordinary net users who are exactly like themselves.

Most of the people who write articles that are published on sites like ezinearticles are not professional writers. They are, rather, people who specialize in some particular aspect of business, or have knowledge of specific market niches. Many are writers who create their articles simply because of their love of their subject matter, or because they have a desire to inform or help others.

A significant proportion of the people who have articles published by ezinearticles and other similar sites are, however doing so because they have an online or internet marketing business that they wish to promote. The huge advantage of using article directories to promote a business, or to draw visitors to a site that is monetized in some way, is that it is entirely free of financial cost to do so. In other words, you can use a site like ezinearticles.com to start generating an income without having to spend one single brass penny.

Moreover, you can do so literally as soon as you finished reading this book. It is, however, important to understand that using any article directory site like ezinearticles is just one aspect of a total marketing package. In fact, there are many resources which you can use for free as part of an integrated marketing plan, and you should use all of these resources. Doing so will enable you to start earning reasonable money relatively quickly, whilst spending very little or nothing in cash terms in order to do so.

In the first instance, therefore, I am going to explain exactly how to put into place your initial integrated marketing plan. Thereafter, I will look at some more advanced techniques that you can utilize to take your new business to the next level, primarily by ‘exploiting’ ezinearticles.com.


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