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Your first 100k!

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn your first 100k! I am going to outline some of the easiest and most profitable. ALL of the following ideas/guides are simple to do require little or no capital investment require no previous Runescape knowledge as well as requiring no skills at all above level 1! This is aimed to help new players be competitive and earn some cold hard gold in the first few days! If you have higher level skills or a larger amount to investgrey_loader.gif then you should skip over the next couple pages.

Eye of Newt– Alright so it sounds kinda gross but it isn’t really. There is a magic shop in port Sarim market by a small fire emblem on the map. The secret is this shop sells Eye of Newt for only 3 Gold Pieces! The Grand Exchange price is 50-70. Do you see the profit margin? You can do this from level 3! The best part is if you are making a pure it won’t affect any stats. Now if you do not know how to get there open the runescape map located on the bottom left of the mini map. Go to the left of Lumbridge (where you start) and you will see Port Sarim as well as the magic shop. Once you get there and have all the cash you can get your hands on, see if someone will give you 5k gold it will really help you get started with less trips to the Grand Exchange. Now make sure your inventory is empty bank everything else and buy max Eye of Newts. Now you will need to go north for a bit you’ll see a path to follow after a second and that will bring you directly to the Falador East bank which you can find on the map simply by going north of Port Sarim! (You can also bank at the Draynor bank to the right of the magic shop in between that and Lumbridge). Bank all of your Eye of Newt until you run out of gold or have the amount you want. Now head off to varrock to the Grand Exchange and sell those eye of Newts for some serious cash. Feel free to repeat once you get paid you will now have even more cash to invest in the Eye of Newt business!

Bronze Bars- You do not need any smithing experience at all to smelt Bronze bars! However this method requires a bit more time or money investment but will give you valuable smithing skills! You can either mine a few hundred copper and tin and bank them or you can buy them off the Grand Exchange, for instance right now copper is 70 gp and tin is only 30 GP so I would suggest mining your own copper and buying the tin. If you can afford it it is best to buy both but up to you. Now you need a furnace which you can find in either Al Karid (closest one to a bank) or Falador which is slightly farther from the bank. To get to Al Karid simply go straight from Lumbridge pay 10 gold to go through the gate and follow the path! You will see the bank and a furnace. Now turn all your tin and copper into Bronze bars for an instant 100gp per bar! You also get smithing experience. Now just as the Eye of Newt method rinse and repeat. If you get your hands on 300 tin and copper, sell the bars and buy 600 of each and once you hit a good number like 2k then start saving the profits. Keep in mind each time you run out of ores it is a trip to the Grand Exchange to sell your bars and get more ores!
Tanning- No not sitting in the sun. Buy cowhides for market price off the Grand Exchange or go north of lumbridge to kill cows by the gnome airfield (this spot is better due to the gnome deposit boxes right beside them so you can collect the hides, bones and meant and simply deposit bones and meat sell on the Grand Exchange as well may as well use them! This is an advantage over east of Lumbridge as the bank is farther away there.) Now back on topic, for pure profit buy as many cowhides as you can. Go to Al Karid and withdraw all the money you have left and 27 cowhides, get them tanned into hard leather which costs 3gp per piece. The cost of cowhides is about 100 whereas the cost of hard leather is about 150gp. Pure profit easily made! Once again rinse and repeat as many times as you want to get all the cash you want.
Mining- This is one of the best ways yet the most boring ways to earn money as a Free to Play Runescape player. With mining level 1 I would suggest doing the rune ess quest which you can start at he wizards tower south of Draynor. Once you do it you can go to the east varrock bank and go the the building behind it to get teleported to the Rune Essense cave. Here you can mine all you want with a relatively quick trip to the bank. You get Mining Experience as well as Rune Ess for money!
Rune Ess Running- Your best bets are running Air, Mind or Nature runes. You simply get 25 unoted essense and go to the alter for your chosen rune, Air being just south of falador and mind west of edgeville. Running run ess is simple all you are doing is being hte legs for a player with money who wants to get his Runecrafting higher so he is willing to pay you 1-2k per load to take him unoted essense and he will give you 25 noted essense, you then give him his 25 unoted ess and he will also give you some runes or some cash for your help. You can generally go to a world deemed a rune running world and you will find people willing to do this as that is the purpose of the world. All you need to start is 25 essense.
Drop Parties-Go to a world labeled for Falador Party Room. Go to Falador (obvious lol!) There will be drops varying from 100k to 5mil with all kinds of good items like rune full helms I once got 20 of them! All you do is wait for party pete to count down and when it reaches zero you pop the balloons and get the items, there is no investment needed just be patient and keep trying!
Wood cutting- This is the simplest skill in the game you simply grab an axe at the general store and start cutting normal trees. Currently on the Grand Exchange normal logs are worth more then willows and maples simply because no one wants to cut them as the tree is fallen after 1 log is removed. It is quite worth it to cut logs. You can do this anywhere I would recommend Draynor but normal trees are outside nearly every bank! Save up normal logs until level 30 wood cutting then try cutting the higher XP trees that require less work to cut!



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