Tips for Swift Housework

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Are you feeling bogged down by household chores? Fret not, for here some clean getaways:

1. Living Room:

Using a fabric softener sheet to dust TV or computer screen removes dust easily and quickly. It will also keep the dust and other dirt off for a while. To get rid of pet hair, rub rubber-gloved hands on sofas.

2. Kitchen:

Nuke a wet dishcloth (spritzed with lemon) for a minute to deodorize and get rid of guck in the microwave. The steam will soften the mess and you can wipe it easily with the cloth once it’s cooled. Use toothpaste on a cloth to remove scuff marks from linoleum.

3. Bathroom:

Spray shaving cream on your mirror. Let the foam sit for about a minute, and then wipe it off. This should keep the mirror fog-free for more than a week. To clean tiles and glass doors, and to keep mildew at bay, rub on vinegar and water, squeeze dry, then buff with a microfibre cloth. Fill a spray bottle with bleach or vinegar and squirt under the rim of your toilet bowl, making two or three full circles. Let it overnight. Next morning, simply flush the toilet.

4. Laundry:

Throw in one or two dry towels to absorb the moisture and to dry a small load of wet clothes. For mud stains, rub them with a raw potato. Soak clothes in cool water for a bit, and then wash as usual.


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