Three Top Websites To Write For

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There are many websites that will pay for your writing.  Here are three that can pay good money if you write for them every day.

Bukisa pays performance fees only, but this can quickly rise in no time if you write a few articles per day and promote your work, so that others will read it.  Every time someone clicks on your article you will be paid for it.  Also, you can add friends on Bukisa and read their work, so they will do the same for you.  The performance fees will soon rise if this is done each day.


Review Stream is a website that you can write reviews for.  You will be paid an amount for each review that is written, providing you write the review to their guidelines.  You can write a review about any product, destination, place, restaurant, hotel etc, providing you state as much information as possible about it and give your own personal opinion, which is what Review Stream is looking for.  They like reviews to be personal giving readers information on why they liked or disliked the product that they are writing about.  Once you submit your review, an email will be sent stating that they have received it and that you will be informed within 72 hours if the review is going to be published or not.  If they are going to publish it and you have given them sufficient information on the product, you will either be paid something between $2 to $5 for it, otherwise they will pay a percentage of that fee, which can be 0.40 to 0.80 depending on how much information you have given in the review.  Overall, Review Stream is an easy website to write for and you can earn good money doing this.


This is another good website to write for.  Anything can be written here from articles, news, fiction, poetry, picture slides and voice overs too.  Associated Content will pay upfront payments to anyone living inside the USA, but writers living outside this area will only be paid performance fees, which are quickly risen on the amount of people who are reading your content.  The more you write here, then the more money you can earn.  Add other writers as favourites and let them know, so that they will do the same for you and read each other’s work to help your performance on Associated Content.  Once this is done you will start to see your payment rising.  The more you write for this website the more your performance will go up in activity ratings, which you will be given a number for.  This number will be to rate your content from either 1 to 10 depending on how many page views you have acquired since starting with Associated Content.  Also, awards are given to writers who are voted for, which they can win money for their unique performance or wonderful writing techniques.  I recommend anyone living in the USA to write for this website, as they can earn a descent amount of money here.


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