Have A Quality Experience With Your Child: Tour The internet Together

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In an earlier writing, spending time with your child on a tour of the Internet was advanced as a goal of unfolding the Internet’s educational promise. An additional goal discussed in that writing was to impart skills and habits that protect the young one from Internet risks. This note is an example of such a tour. It brandishes the writer’s personality, so the reader is encouraged to experience it, and if unsatisfied, adapt it to one’s values.

A tour of the Internet is a trip through cultures. On such a tour, one gets to savor things societies value.  The objective of this writing is to share time together with your child observing these valuables of selected societies.

On this tour, relax and enjoy your time with the young one. Note what is common in the websites and what is different. Read if you will, or just enjoy the sites with your child without a word. This experience will germinate a new connection between you.

Lets start with some Houses of Great Art.

First the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, billed as the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi

The Art Institute of Chicago.

Take a peek at the Metropolitan Performing Arts Theater

Chicago has the famed Field Museum. This house fascinates all, especially the children. It offers exhibits in which one can interact..

Opera: The French have a great opera tradition. In Paris there are two famous opera houses, Palais Granier ( the kings viewed opera here)  and Opera Bastille ( a beautiful modern facility at the site of the famed Bastille). If the site appears in French, before changing it to display English – accomplished by clicking en on the upper right of the page –  make a quick study of the French. Do you see any familiar words?  Can you guess anything?

A visit across the channel to London must include the Tower of London? What history this place boasts.

Institutions of Higher Learning drive civilizations to higher planes.
The flagship of California’s University System. The University of California at Berkeley

The famed campus of the University of Paris, Sorbonne.

The Henri Poincare Institute is a greenhouse for new mathematics and research mathematicians. Housed in Paris, the Institute is named for a famous French mathematician. Learn about him, your knowledge will fascinate everyone in a party setting. He was brilliant but yet colorful.

Steklov Mathematical Institute, the Russian Academy of Science: A place of research in mathematics and the sciences.

Some Things French: The Bastille was a turning point in French History. Its events impact the thoughts of people throughout the world.

Versailles, the largest castle in Europe. It grandeur rivals thoughts of the Garden of Eden. View it in French and English. Which language moves you?

Simon Bolivar, a South American Hero. View salutes to this hero from countries in South America.

Ponte Vecchio is as famous a symbol for Florence, Italy as the Eiffel Tour is to Paris.

Click on the icons of this webpage and tour Florence, Italy.

New Orleans is one of the most interesting cities in the United States. It is known for its exquisite cuisine, Mardi Gras, the French Quarters and also its cemeteries. Tour this website and see what this city offers the world.

New Orleans offers many things but its burial traditions are unrivaled. This website gives a two dimensional view into its interesting burial culture.

St. Denis,  the burial site of French kings.

This website contains the names of the resting sites of the Apostle of Jesus. Take the time to visit them. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you will be fascinated.

View how the French have honored their war dead. What famous Frenchman is buried at this place of honor? Look for the raised coffin in the website.  

Some Geography of the New World:
A quick study South America will not enhance your understanding of its governments but you gain an insight into its people.

If you like to travel, Discover Montevideo. You will not be sorry.

Visit Buenos Aries and you will experience flashes of Paris.

Sacred Meeting Places are made and some are shaped for nature.  These Buddhist temples are cut in caves. Discover.

Islam: View and initiate yourself for further study.

The Roman Catholic Church houses the remains of many of its popes in St Peter.  Under the sanctuary the Church claims to have the remains of Saint Peter.

An impressive tour through St Peter’s. Enjoy  Michelangelo’s Pieta

A glimpse into China.

Some Beautiful Music;

Requiem was Mozart’s last work. He died before finishing it. His wife commissioned one of his students to complete it. Who was that student?

The Fourth Movement of the New World Symphony is A. Dvorak’s salute to the freedom and energy of the New World. In this piece, he attempts to interpret the flow of life energies and opportunities of the New World through this composition. Can you hear any reminders?

Handel’s Hallelujah chorus is this composer signature in history. It may not be known but he scripted this piece in many all of his pieces.

Excitement, anticipation, and drama are delivered in Bolero by Ravel. Listen.

Some Samples of Pure American Music
JAZZ Art Blakeley

A soft sound


Enlarge this experience with your child by adding sites reflecting your values. Then ask your child to take you on a tour that reflects her values. Enjoy the moments together. Listen and learn while you are together.


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