Fun Ideas For Kids to Do For Valentine's Day Gifts

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While kids may not understand the romantic meaning to Valentine’s Day, they do understand that it is a day to pass out notes and candy to classmate, as well as receive them. This year, instead of just buying cards and candy for your children to pass out, have them try one of these fun ideas!

Large bags of candy can be expensive. Instead, find a recipe online for cookie dough and have the kids help you make it. After making the dough, have the kids make shapes, such as hearts, with the dough. Using sprinkles or icing they can decorate the cookies and wrap them in small plastic bags to pass out at school. Your kids will love all the compliments they will get about how good their cookies taste and how cute they look.

Cards that are bought from the store often tend to say the same thing and can seem impersonal. Instead, gather up some construction paper and markets for your kids to make their own Valentine’s Day cards for their friends. They will have a blast personalizing their homemade cards with inside jokes they have with friends and telling their friends how much they mean to them in their own way. This craft idea is also completely free if you already have the paper and markers at home!

Have your kids make Valentine’s Day wreaths for the adults in their lives, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, or teachers. Print off a heart pattern from online so that the kids can use the pattern to make trace and cut out at about ten hearts. Although they can cut out more or less, depending on the desired size for the wreath. After cutting out the hearts have the kid’s write Valentine’s Day says on the hearts. The sayings could include hugs, kisses, XOXO, Happy Valentine’s Day, be mine, love, hug me, BFF, sweetie, and honey.After they have decorated the hearts to their satisfaction, have them glue the hearts to each other to form a circular wreath. Taping the hearts to a wire hanger that has been bent into a circle is another idea for putting the hearts together.

Whether for their friends or the adults in their lives, your kids will have a gift for everyone. These ideas are not only fun for your kids, but good for your wallet as well.


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