Is Castration of Sex Offenders a Violation of Human Rights?

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  Chemical castration is process of removing the libido power from men through use of  chemicals that are applied to suppress the process of producing testosterone. The act involves the injection of the hormone that invades the process of libido development. The drug completely inhibits the connection between the testicles and other body organs. Chemical castration is used on behalf of the normal surgical operation. The chemical castration is not so much offending like the surgical castration but the end result is always the same

The castration of males is an action that is taken by the law orders  so as  to help curb the sexual offending crimes in order to make them totally dysfunction. Chemical castration is so helpful in handling sexual offenders who are pedophiles through the scientific method of reducing testosterone. It leads to very low sex urge thus less possibility of offenders committing crimes.

Unlike surgical castration it is less painful and offending to the victim since it involves just a simple injection to do the similar job that can be done by the surgical castration. The chemical castration can be said to be a very just way of dealing with the individuals while taking into consideration their rights to humanity. This is because unlike judging the offenders and giving life imprisonment sentences, the offenders are controlled and allowed back to the society to continue with their normal life. Through this method children who are the most endangered victims within the community are protected and will have free time to play and go to school since they are aware that they are save and cannot be offended.

The use of chemical castration reduces the urge to have sex within the offenders. It is even encouraging that even the prisoners who are implicated of the related crimes are requesting for the castration in order to enable them have freedom. The punishment has also helped the parents to the victims to accept the situation and  make a change in life for the victims. Researches have also indicated that children are able to run the consequences of being rapists at an early age thus enable to look at their personal sexual experiences and in the process they can be guided to break the vicious cycle of sexual crimes.

Castration by use of chemicals is not aimed at giving corporal punishment to the offenders but a fair and just discipline that can give a second chance to be back into the society. They need to understand that taking them through this process is not meant to alter their lives but control them since even ladies do apply these drugs to plan but not punish themselves

The researches that have been done indicate that the use of this castration method is not a guarantee that it will function within the human body and therefore exposes the risk of not being in a position to determine whether the chemical is effective or not. This is because, like any other drug people do react differently. Many men have continued to show high libidos even after taking several oral doses to reduce their urges to sex. This has caused a lot of concern more so with the ways that should be applied to monitor the effectiveness of this chemical

Another challenge that has been associated with this method is the constitutionality of the act because in some states it might against the law to interfere with somebody’s body parts unless one does it voluntarily. The law is not uniformly applied across the world therefore challenging the sustainability of the act. The constitution also challenges the multi-disciplinary of the offenders because one cannot receive double punishment from one offence .Once somebody has been jailed and served his term he needs to be given all his rights including the right enjoy like any other human being. The constitution further challenge the likelihood that someone will commit the offense once discharged. Therefore the whole process has some challenges as well as benefits and its only important the real reason for one to be castrated and the likely effects.


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