The Reason Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

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The No.1 reason Social Media marketing is of vital importance to businesses in Telford is because of the economy being as bad as it is at the moment, consequently big and small business’ alike are having to save money wherever they can. However they still need to attract more new customers to both their website and offline premises in order to pay the bills.

All business owners know how the traditional marketing methods that they’ve used for years have stopped producing decent results, similarly the costs for these marketing methods has continued to climb. It’s just good money being thrown after bad?

Business owners world wide know how it feels to have to keep paying good money for bad advertising time and time again, because they don’t know what else to do. The Yellow Pages and the newspapers are old news but they refuse to loose go, even though they also know their ROI is poor.

However there is hope and no it’s not your fault, the solution is Social Media Marketing but the newspaper salesman doesn’t want you to know this.

The undenyable reason why the traditional marketing methods are so ineffective now, is the shift that your customers have made to doing everything online and in Social Media groups. Interestingly 97% of consumers are using the internet to do research for products and services they are interested in before making a buying decision.

With almost everyone you know being part of one social media group or another, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Yelp for example; your clients and customers are talking about your products, your business and even about you; where you can’t hear them or respond if you’re not using social media marketing.

Furthermore Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world next to Google, who incidentally owns YouTube. People regularly search YouTube to find videos that answer their questions, or show them the best way to do something, or even find out about a business they are thinking of buying from.

Social media groups are simply massive with Facebook and Twitter having well over 700,000,000 members now, and this means you simply cannot ignore what’s happening any longer.

If your business is not taking advantage of Social Media Marketing to connect with your new and old customers you will drop further behind your competition, this is because your customers are already active in these circles.

Yet they will not find your business and they will not talk about your business but most importantly they will not be able to buy from your business. However with social media marketing it’s quite easy to get into and you don’t need to have a web site of your own or be selling anything online to get started.

The possiblities with social media marketing are almost endless. Your business could double, your exposure will grow like you would never get with the traditional methods and you can completely dominate your local market to become the authority and expert that people go to first.

can you really afford to wait any longer!

Get started now.
Get out there and get found.
Engage with your prospects on their terms.
Continue to engage and follow up with them.

Your potential clients and customers are spending considerable time searching the world of Social Media marketing so this is where you should be.


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