Top 15 Retraining Potential For Harry Potter

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Harry Potter movies so it’s finished. Finished to show off by pulling a rabbit out of his cap Von Dutch between takes to impress the student script. After 7 opus on black screen, the young Harry will have to find new occupations. And when they shot to fame so young, it’s not a foregone conclusion … We thought a few conversions to the young man with glasses.

   1. Skip to matters more serious than playing Quidditch, such as Greek debt deal: leave to have powers as well use them.
   2. Make the first part “magic” of Celine Dion in Las Vegas or vice versa. It will still be something other than Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy.
   3. Play in an ultimate crossover movie like “Harry Potter meets Jackass” much like “Alien vs. Predator.” We are desperate to stay on top of the poster.
   4. Write her bio “They called me Harry: star at 10 years, drugged to 20” story we know the true story of the scar.
   5. Finally painfully by a decade in a remake porno: but “Harry Peloteur and fly magic” has already been done, it will increasingly have to be inventive.
   6. Take a new niche “Magic” in the afternoon on France 3: or worse on Direct 8.
   7. Use the spell “Alohomora” to open the doors of life: if not finish the job center, like many young people on leaving school.
   8. Post a Youtube “featuring” with David Guetta: the tradition, everyone does it. Why not Harry?
   9. Become an agent station based in track 9 ¾: traffic to the Hogwarts Express (or RER B). Retirement, be thinking about it.
  10. Engage in training of bakers: there’s no shame, crafts, it pays. All these years of learning of the stick will eventually give something. Open a business and call it like Harry’s.
  11. Take over the late Marcel Béliveau for a new version of “Surprise taken” with a cloak of invisibility, we can revisit the sketches of the hidden camera. W9 is interested. Marc Dorcel too.
  12. Participate (and win) in the Tour de France: since everyone is dope, as frankly go and cheat like a pig.
  13. Subscribe to Season 6 Secret Story: The secret? I have a friend Red.
  14. Make a spectacle of owls at Puy du Fou: there’s more sexy, but had to sign at Disney.
  15. Rehashing the past and finish like a common “people” reality TV: Take 20 pounds, making the collection of all its own products, to continue his cape every day and end up in “Intimate Confessions – I prefer my life to before “…


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