Some Advice For Healthy Hair

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Everyone knows the saying “you must suffer to be beautiful.” Yet it does not apply to our hair. No need to take dieting to torture or to have healthy hair. Some little care and a healthy lifestyle reasonable enough so that your hair is soft and silky.

For healthy hair, you have to do necessarily involve vitamins and supplements or frequent appointments at the hairdresser? Well, no! No need to break the bank. Follow these tips and you will get the desired effect.

First, avoid washing your hair too often. Apart from exceptional circumstances where your hair is harmed (sea, mountains, too much sun …), no need to wash your hair every day. Two to three times a week is more than enough and even better for your hair.

Then select the appropriate shampoo to your hair. There are many products in supermarkets that match all types of scalp. Choose one that suits you best and use it by following the instructions.

In the shower, remember to massage your scalp before applying shampoo. How? Simply light circular motion of the neck to the top of the head. With this little massage, your blood microcirculation is improved, which will affect the growth of your hair. But you also optimizes the action of your shampoo.

Another extremely important point, rinse your hair with warm water after applying your shampoo. The rinse time should be greater than the washing time. And for a gloss effect, complete with a jet of cold water.

For drying, try if you can, for drying in the open air. This is the sweetest. If you must use a hair dryer, set on a warm temperature. Excessive heat tends to attack the hair and make electric.

Another tip, remember to apply a treatment. Whether a treatment for oily hair, dry, brittle ends … Choose a treatment that will benefit your hair and apply it once a week (leaving the rest for a few minutes).

Finally, the health of your hair also depends on your lifestyle. An unbalanced diet or too fat, stress, cigarette smoke and alcohol are not a good influence on your hair. Eat a healthy diet, avoid stress and indulge in moderation, and your hair does come out as the most beautiful and strong!


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