Why do You Need Foods High in Fiber?

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Eating foods high in fiber has been proved beneficial for weight loss and reduction of cholesterol levels in arteries and blood. Over the years scientific research has established the fact that high fiber foods protect us from type-2 diabetes and other Heart related diseases. Diet rich in fiber is recommended for patients with digestive disorders such as hemorrhoids, diarrhea, diverticulosis, constipation, etc..

A medical survey has reported that Americans have a very low consumption of foods high in fiber. Ad campaigns and other mediums have made people more health conscious and their awareness for food high in fiberhas increased. The benefits of fiber depend largely on the type of fiber you consume. There are mainly two types of fiber:

1) Soluble Fiber- Found mainly in leguminous plants, fruits and oats.

2) Insoluble fiber- Found mainly in vegetables and grains.

Eating foods high in fiber has numerous advantages. Insoluble fiber is recommended to people who face regular stomach disorders. The insoluble fiber in the food serves as roughage, thus adding bulk to the stool. Heavier stool passthrough the intestines more conveniently. Taking foods high in fiber cleans our bowels and prevents any disorder.

Soluble fiber dissolves in blood in blood and helps clean the cholesterol molecules from artery walls. Foods high in fiber cut the chances of coronary artery diseases and risks of myocardial infraction by 50%. Consuming foods high in soluble fiber also shrinks the chances of type-2 diabetes. In patients suffering from Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes, soluble fibers help in balancing blood sugar level.

Foods high in fiber serve other purpose besides these. High fiber foods can make you feel better than you have ever felt. Fiber also works as anti-toxin and cleans your blood and body. Negligible toxins in your blood and body would mean glowing and healthy skin. It has also been observed that higher intake of foods high in fiber can help you lose weight more easily. Foods high in fiber are healthier alternative to dieting because unlike dieting fiber would not cause any gastronomic disorders.

Remember a clean bowel and a healthy heart is the key to a healthy and happy life.

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