How Fiber Supplements Work?

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Despite so many researches and doctors concluding in favor of dietary fiber people are yet not convinced whether it works or not. Whether fiber supplements work or not? Or if they do work then how do they work? The answer as it has been repeated so many times is: “Yes, Fiber Supplements work!”

Fibers are of two types soluble and insoluble. Though any type of fiber is good for health its functions and effects differ. Soluble fibers are active fibers that easily get dissolved in bile and pancreatic juices and form a gel like viscous stool which is fermented by the bacteria in colon. Insoluble fibers are insoluble and they do not get easily dissolved. They provide roughage and bulk to the stool. The soluble fiber renders the stool viscous and helps it pass easily through the intestines and the insoluble fiber serves as a scrub, cleaning the inner layer of the intestine.

Soluble fiber supplements helps in alleviating signs of irritable bowel, diarrhea, constipation or any other stomach disorder. Fiber supplements if taken in required amount can prevent colon cancer, reduce cholesterol levels and help in weight loss. Fiber supplements that have inulin can relieve stomach discomfort and bowel inflammation. Inulin or Oligosaccharide rich fiber supplement are fermentable. It dissolves the bile from intestine and when reaching the colon it starts to ferment forming a gelatinous stool which can pass easily and cleanse the colon walls. They also promote the growth of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteriumin the intestines. These bacteria help in proper digestion of food.
Some manufacturers extract vegetable gum and market them as fiber supplements. They are very helpful in treatment of bowel inflammation and irritability.

These fiber supplements change the nature of the gastro-intestinal tract and nutrient absorption. Soluble fiber binds itself to the digestive juices such as bile and prevents it from entering the bloodstream. Low bile level in the blood means lower cholesterol levels in our body. Soluble fiber also diminishes sugar absorption in our body. Though the exact metabolism is unknown it has been observe that even diabetic people on regular fiber supplement live a healthy life.

Taking regular fiber supplements can keep your bowels and blood clean and help you live a healthy life.

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