Fiber Rich Foods For Health.

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For several years man has been neglecting a healthy component of his food, fiber. Cleaning the grains and flour involved stripping the fiber rich food off their fiber. But in the past few years people have realized the importance of consuming high fiber diet. Fiber rich food has been scientifically proved to reduce risks of heart diseases, cancers, gastro-intestinal disorders and diabetes (type-1 and type-2).

Besides these, recent study has shown that fibers protects us from other common but fatal diseases also. A study by Dr. Yikyung Park and fellow researchers studied a group of people and the reasons that led to their death and concluded a ground breaking result that food rich in fiber also protects our body from respiratory diseases like pneumonia and asthma.

Fiber can broadly be classified in two types- soluble and insoluble fiber.
Insoluble fiber rich food adds bulk to stool and enables it to pass through the intestines easily. Insoluble fiber cleans the bowels and prevents stomach disorder like diarrhea, constipation, acidity, etc. Regular intake of insoluble fiber rich food ensures a clean and healthy bowel. Insoluble fiber also maintains a balance of useful bacteria in the intestines. Those people who regularly complain of one or the other stomach or gastro-intestinal disorder are recommended to switch over to Fiber rich food. From constipation to irritable bowels fiber can help you get rid of everything. 

Soluble fiber rich food supplies fiber to the blood. These soluble fibers dissolve the cellulose that gets deposited in the arteries thus reducing the chances of a heart stroke. Blood when enriched with soluble fiber serves as cleaning agent and helps remove any impurity, toxin and carcinogen from our body, thus reduces the risks of cancer and other minor diseases. Soluble fiber rich food enriches our blood and adds on to our immunity against minor infections and diseases. Soluble fiber mixed in blood also cleans our lungs and helps cure respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis.

Fiber rich food has also been found to maintain a balance of sugar level in blood, narrowing the chances of diabetes (type-1 and type-2).

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