The Good And Bad Of Staying In The Sun

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So many people love to bask in the sun and nowadays it would appear that more often than not you hear of people steering clear of the sun due to its harmful UV rays and the effects that they can have on your skin. However, in spite of everything you have heard, sunlight is far from bad. As a matter of fact it is actually something that is significant for human survival.

Men and women who don’t spend enough time in the fresh air and outdoors are missing out on the many vitamins they need to survive and people who spend more time away from the sunlight tend to be more depressed too. It just stands to reason that the more time someone spends in the sunshine and fresh air the greater they feel.

In a sense individuals are a lot like flowers and plants and when it comes to such things as sunlight we do have a need for it. Sure we might not contain chlorophyll similar to plants do and it might not be documented that human beings need sunlight but this energy and light force is one that is essential to human existence, not only to the existence of the earth but the actual individuals themselves.

Some in the field of psychology have in fact noticed that sunlight helps to aid those patients who are suffering with depression and that an increase in sunlight provides something else besides just additional vitamins. Sunlight is actually life-sustaining for human beings and while many can not put their finger on why it’s so effective it without a doubt has a huge impact on individuals and their moods. It has even been seen in places where there quite a bit of rain or several additional hours of darkness that people in these locations have a greater chance for becoming depressed. This is even regarded as a factor in seasonal depression too.

If you want to feel well and alive then the smartest thing you can do is to spend a good amount of time outdoors. This will help make you feel better and can lift your spirits. It is important to acknowledge that while there is little by the way of quantitative research on this topic that there, definitely, is something to the fact that being out in the bright sunshine on a warm, sunny day certainly has something to offer by way of making people feel better and happier.


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