Cloud Computing: Internet Dependency, Performance & Latency Issue

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Questions about the status of cloud computing is emerging as “What will happen if the internet connection suddenly goes off?” Some cloud users are concerned about the type of Internet dependency. The decision to change the application of the conventional cloud hosting is a work of an organization

Internet is one of the most relevant with regard to the system of information technology. Due to this discovery, we can make many applications and services via the World Wide Web with an Internet and computer and Internet access itself. Internet also has the biggest role when it comes to it. One concern about dependence on internet, performance and latency is presented in many discussions about its effectiveness.

It is alarming to many organizations that cloud computing depends on the accessibility, quality and performance of Internet access connection that uses any user of the cloud. Because of this dilemma raises questions as “What happens if we lose our connection to the Internet?”, Or “How long can we run our business?” began to exist. Many are concerned about the dependence of computers to an Internet connection. The change of service in the cloud and the application of traditional computer is a burden to any organization. Obstacles are many fears and doubts about the changes to their own internal rules of the application. In general, most enterprise applications was not designed on the basis of computing in the cloud. Organizations in view of the investment costs that likely will have to think of expenditure on the improvement of the network infrastructure to run a service cloud. Connectivity in the cloud system is a big problem for many people. Some speculation finds no connection to internet also means cloud services. But now that I think of it, linking to the Internet is one of the strongest and most reliable findings when we see the whole picture of a computer system. Nearly all parts of the world have their existing Internet connection and would be a little impossible if all access to the Internet around the world will turn off simultaneously.

As a matter of conclusion, the dependence on the Internet, performance and latency do not overlook or in the shadow of bigger and better benefits to its users. Even the validity of the potential users of the cloud that will soon increase after a few months or years from now.


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