The Best Plumbers For Your Toilet Repair in Miami

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Common Problems with Toilet Plumbing in Miami and in Every Household

Posted by Michael on December 1, 2010 · 1 Comment (Edit)
Toilet Plumbing in Miami

When it comes to toilet plumbing in Miami, people immediately call their trusted plumbers in Florida to take a look and do some repairs. Fortunately, most of these toilet plumbing problems are relatively harmless and can be remedied by the home or business owner.
While it is certainly true that you should seek the advice of a professional plumber for more major jobs, the following list includes some of the more basic issues including what causes them and how to fix them:
Toilet Plumbing in Miami – Problem #1

1. Constant Trickling of Water in Toilet – Have you ever passed by your bathroom to hear the sound of your toilet bowl refilling with water even though you haven’t used it? If so, you likely have a common issue referred to as “phantom flush,” where the refill mechanism in the bowl turns off and on intermittently. The reason for this is likely a small leak between the tank and the bowl, creating the need for constant top offs. Typically, the leak occurs around the flapper or flapper seal and the solution is to either replace the worn flapper or to attempt to re-seat it.
Toilet Plumbing in Miami – Problem #2

2. Trickling Water into the Tank – Another common issue concerns the sound of hissing water coming from the tank portion of your toilet. Most often this is a result of a faulty float, inlet tube or valve assembly, so these are the first things that should be examined. The hissing you hear is the sound of water making its way through the inlet, which is directly affected by the position of the float valve. To fix the problem you will need to ensure that the float is in the correct position. You’ll also want to check the position of the refill tube to ensure it isn’t positioned to far into the overflow. If both of these components are functioning properly and the problem still persists then it’s likely that you need to replace the entire ballcock assembly.
Toilet Plumbing in Miami – Problem #3

3. Clogged Toilet Drain – Ah yes, the good old clog; the bane of every homeowner. It turns out that clogs represent the most common issue when it comes to toilet maintenance. Although freeing the clog isn’t always a pleasant process, fortunately there are a variety of tools to make the job easier. The most obvious device is the plunger, which is great for clearing minor clogs. All you need to do is simply place the bulb of the plunger into the drain and pump out the clog. More severe clogs may require the use of a closet auger or even the assistance of a professional contractor specializing in toilet plumbing in Miami.


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