Non -Veg Food Good or Bad?

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I am a non vegetarian. That doesn’t mean that I will support only non veggies but I have strong reasons in support –for preferring non-veg food over veg food.This is a science era, so I would emphasize on scientific reasons which force people to think about importance of non-veg food.

First considering on iron we receive from diet that is hem iron and non-hem iron. Hem-iron can be easily absorbed in the body in comparison with non-hem iron. Non veg food contain both forms of iron whereas veg food contains very little hem-iron, leading to the deficiency of iron.Non-veg food is biologically complete containing all the 8 essential amino acids in contrast to this protein obtained from veg food lack one or more, of the essential amino acids.

Now days vegetables are treated with harmful chemicals and due to polishing process, the refined cereals get devoid of vitamins and fibers.We all agree with the fact that god has given all thing purposely .so why he has given canine teeth(pointed tooth) and why he has not given cellulase enzyme for digesting cellulose found in majority of vegetables.

Killing of animals is considered to be wrong act but cry of plants cannot be heard by humans as they have two senses less than humans, they can’t express their pain but if the human lacking two senses, is killed-then it will be counted as a sin.Talking logically we know that ,plant species are lesser than animal species therefore for feeding 50 human beings life of one animal is required and for these same 50 people ,we may have to kill more than 100 plants.

According to me man is very selfish, he think killing of animal for food as a sin but when he is milking the same animal for his own use it will not be counted as a sin. Artificial milking of animal cause enormous pain and it is nothing but robbing the animal because that milk is meant for their younger ones and when the milking period of that animal is over ,they are sent for slaughter house.So which is a bigger sin you decide.


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