Post Workout Recovery Drink

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      After an intense workout, your body needs something to help it recover; whether it is in the form of a food or a drink. Today I’m going to tell you about a great drink that will build lots of muscle and make your muscles recover faster. The things you will need are a cup, spoon, chocolate milk, and whey protein powder. For the protein powder, I recommend EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder. First, you pour the chocolate milk into a cup. Next, you add in 1-2 scoops of the protein powder. The amount of protein powder you put in depends on your weight, how active you are, and how much protein you consumed during that day. A good scale to use is 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds. One thing you may be wondering though, is what happens to extra protein. Extra protein is not stored for next time, it is converted into fatty acids and sugars to then be changed into cholesterol and fat. Using the spoon, mix the powder in thoroughly.  Lastly, drink up and enjoy the muscles you will build and the questions your friends will have about how you gained so much muscle.

     Whey protein is essential for building muscles. This is because it can be absorbed much faster than normal sources of protein like steak. It is one of the two proteins found in milk but in the form of a powder it is even more effective. It promotes the repairing of muscles and when taken after a workout, it will boost your recovery. This happens because the proteins help your cells grow, repair, and replace themselves. With a faster recovery you will be able to get back and workout quicker than you would normally. This leads to building muscles much more rapidly.

     This drink is great after a tough core workout or training for the mile, both of which I have written about. You can even have this recovery shake for breakfast as long as you eat some fruit with it also. This versatile recovery drink can be consumed by both athletes and non-athletes alike. Many people have enjoyed how good this drink tastes, and the results it gets, and now you can too.


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