Myreviewsnow Online Shopping Looks At The Kenmore Brand of Appliances Available From Sears

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If you are searching to purchase Kenmore brand of appliances, this brand among others is sold by Sears stores.  This company has sold this brand of appliances since 1927.   

The Kenmore appliances sold at Sears include washers and dryers in sizes that best accommodate the size of your family and laundry needs.  This brand of washer and dryers models are available primarily in black and white there are a few models are available in a ginger color.   Sears stocks this brand in 4.3 cubic foot and 4.5 cubic foot washers both of which are top loading models.   They also sell front loading washing machines in 3.9 cubic feet and 4.3 cubic feet.   Sears sells Elite series dryers in 7.1 cubic foot, 7.3 cubic foot, 7.4 cubic foot, and 8.0 cubic foot sizes.  These dryers are available in gas and electric with some models featuring steam dryer technology.

Sears carries a series of Kenmore refrigerators in French door styles (bottom freezer), side by side styles, and even freezerless refrigerators if that is the style you are looking for.  The Elite models of refrigerators come primarily in stainless steel, white, and black finishes. Some models have ice makers and through door dispenser.  These Elite style refrigerators come in 31.0, 27.5, 27.0, 25.0, and 21.0 cubic feet. Sears has a variety of freezer and ice maker sizes available in both chest style and upright style and in a variety of freezer capacities.  This brand of freezers and ice makers are available in black, white, and stainless steel. 

Sears sells various styles of Kenmore brand dishwashers including built-in dishwashers, drawer style dishwashers, and portable dishwashers for homes with older kitchens or kitchens that are too small to accommodate a built-in dishwasher.  If you have this brand of dishwasher and are in need of parts, Sears also carries a variety of parts.   Depending on the model and style of dishwasher you choose, you can select from colors such as beige, bisque, black, brown, white, and stainless steel.  Most of these dishwashers range between 33 and 35 inches in height though there are a few models that are less than 33 inches or taller than 35 inches in height.

You may not be aware but Kenmore brand manufactures a variety of small kitchen appliances such as countertop microwave ovens in a variety of sizes, styles, wattages, and colors including beige, bisque, black, red, white, and stainless steel. Other small kitchen appliances also made by Kenmore include blenders; juicers; coffee, espresso, and tea machines; toasters; toaster ovens; vacuum sealers; food processors;  and mixers.  This company also makes gas and electric water heaters ranging from 40 gallons to 75 gallons in size.

If you are interested inKenmore appliances, you can view these items online. You can purchase these appliances online or in the stores, customers have the option to take their appliance home from the stock in the store, buy online and pick up at store, or request home delivery of their appliance. 

The next time you go online shopping for Kenmore appliances, check for the latest news, special offers, and discounts.

Learn about Kenmore appliances that are sold at Sears.  These appliances include washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, and a number of small appliances.  A detailed description of Kenmore appliances can be found at Sears.


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