Success Secrets #'s 2 & 3

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SUCCESS SECRET #2: You Can’t Read Other People’s Minds

Your thoughts control your results. It’s true of everybody. But, many people are held back or unsuccessful in certain aspects of their lives because they make assumptions or believe things to be true without actual proof. This often happens subconsciously.

These assumptions can limit a person’s recognition of tremendous opportunities that surround them every day.  This affects the choices they make, the actions they take, and can severely limit the success that they could attain.

Example:  A gentleman is interested in a lady friend and would like to ask her out to dinner.  However, he repeatedly passes up opportunities to do so, because he feels that she will decline.  Perhaps he has experienced rejection in his past.  But now, he is assuming that this lady friend and perhaps ‘all’ women will react the same way to his invitation.  He’s afraid of risking embarrassment and what others might think about him. So, to protect his self-esteem, he does nothing, without ever knowing the true end result.

One of the traits of successful people is that they realize that just because one situational outcome occurred in the past, doesn’t mean that same outcome will continue forever into the future.

It’s a fact: people sometimes do say “no”. But sometimes they also say “yes”. Successful people recognize that they can’t read other people’s minds or predict their responses, so they proceed toward their goals without prejudging the outcome. Because they program their minds to focus on their goals and desired outcomes as top priority, their concern for embarrassment is overridden and they forge ahead. Obviously, this greatly increases their chances of success. Because, if they focused instead on fear of embarrassment, they would avoid the situation altogether – making their chances of success “zero”.

To learn more about how to “program” your mind to focus on your positive goals instead of negative outcomes, refer to my Bukisa article by clicking here:

SUCCESS SECRET #3: “Great” Ideas are Worthless Without Motivation and Taking Action!

Have you ever had a great idea about an invention or concept that really seemed to make perfect sense? It’s a very common occurrence.  I’ll use my son’s idea from about 10 or 12 years ago as an example.  He said: “Daddy, why don’t people’s houses have clickers like your car?”  What he meant was: “Why don’t we have the same technology to open the front door of our house as our car does with the keychain ‘thingey’?” 

Most of us have had situations like this where we said: “I thought of that!”.  But, did you take action?  Well, the successful people among us DO take action!

Important note: most successful people often fail several times before they achieve success. In fact, on average, they fail at least 3-5 times before they land on a winner.

Going back to my own son’s example. It started with an inspired concept or idea. Next, came ‘the dream’ or ‘visualization of the outcome’. Now, think of your own experience. Do you or have you ever had a concept, song, invention, etc. that you’ve mulled over? 

If the answer is “yes” (and most of the time it is) — to achieve success with it, you have to ask yourself at this point:  “How far am I willing and able to go?”. Can you visualize what great opportunities are ahead of you if you just take one more “baby step” towards attaining your dream?

The key to attaining successwith any ideaisto build “momentum”.

Building momentum is easier than you might think. It starts with taking a first baby step toward your dream or goal, followed by another, then another. Don’t try to tackle it all at once. Break it down into very small pieces. For example: just go online and “Google” a description of your idea & print out the first page of results that Google returns. That’s a baby step! The next day, you might explore one or two of the results that your printed out from Google and so on…..

The key to building momentum is to just  get your sled moving up the slope. (Taking action!)
Successful people aren’t necessarily smarter or have better ideas, they simply understand that taking action is associated with momentum.

Once you take action and your sled crests the top of the slope, gravity will take over and your sled will begin to glide toward your goals. Now you’re experiencing “momentum”!


Reference:  SUCCESS SECRETS #1:


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