How to Quit Smoking For Good!

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     It goes without saying that quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to do.  But if you are truly ready to give it up, it is possible!  You have to battle not only the physical addiction, but also the mental addiction.  There can be social aspects to your nicotine addiction as well.  Here are some tips that may help you kick the habit for good.

  1. Make a list of the best reasons to quit smoking.  There are many obvious reasons, such as the risks to your health and longevity.  But also try to think of how much money you could save by quitting, how much better your clothes and breath will smell, and how much more energy you will have.  Write these things down and keep them somewhere you can easily access when a craving strikes.

  2. Stock up on nicotine replacement products, if this is the route you choose.  Having a nicotine replacement can help drastically with the physical dependence, while you battle the mental aspects of your addiction.  There is such a wide range of products available these days that there is something for everyone!  You can experiment with patches, gum, mints, or even vapor cigarettes to see what works best for you.

  3. Keep lots of healthy snacks on hand to help with the oral aspect of quitting smoking.  Try snacks like carrot sticks or sugar free lollipops to keep your hands and mouth busy.

  4. Avoid your usual routine.  If you always smoke with your morning coffee, try drinking your coffee in a local café where smoking is prohibited.  If you like to smoke when you are talking on the phone, find something to keep your hands busy, like sketching on a piece of paper while you chat.

  5. Enlist a buddy.  Find a friend who also wants to quit smoking, and be each other’s support system.  When a craving strikes, call and talk about it with your quitting partner.

  6. Set up a reward system. Make a list of things that you can buy with the money you save from quitting smoking.  Keep this list somewhere that you will see it often, and, when you have successfully quit, go shopping!

Remember, many people who try to quit smoking fail the first time, or even the first several times.  Don’t give up on yourself if you have a slip up. Just remember that you overcoming a powerful addiction, and don’t be discouraged! Know that you can and will succeed, even if it takes a few failed attempts


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