Walk in Tubs Canada: Stress Reduction And Relaxation

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Many Canadians consider a walk in tub as something only necessary for the frail elderly or the disabled. What they do not understand is that walk in bath tubs are perfect for anyone who suffers from stress, whether there are other factors involved or not.

Stress is one of the biggest health issues we face. All by itself, it can deprive you of sleep, create muscle and joint pain, cause upset digestive systems, and make you feel lousy all over. Worse, stress is a root cause of many illnesses that are debilitating at best and lethal at worst. Stress makes many illnesses worse than they would be if there was no stress present.

One particularly effective way to reduce stress is through hydrotherapy. Using a walk in bath with therapy jets is an excellent way to improve circulation and relax muscles. Even simply relaxing in warm water in the tub will literally wash away stiffness, soreness, and tension. By releasing endorphins in the brain, water therapy naturally eases pain and increases blood circulation. That’s very important to your immune system and to healing injured tissue and reducing inflammation.

Of course all these benefits are even more helpful in homecare for those who are ill or disabled and for elder care. However, perfectly healthy people benefit from using a walk in tub as well. For many who are part of the baby boom, installing a walk in tub now not only has the immediate benefit of relieving stress but also prepares for the time when physical problems make the tub necessary.

Tubs are available in all kinds of sizes and configurations to fit virtually any space. Costs vary according to the amenities you choose but tubs are available for almost any budget. Be sure to talk to a reputable dealer before you buy just to make sure you get the right tub for your needs and your space.

Before you put off buying a walk in tub consider this: People who take care of their health (both physical and mental) at earlier ages generally have fewer health issues as they age. It’s never too late to start using a walk in bath but it’s never too early either.


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