Giving Money to The Homeless on The Streets Causes More Harm Than Good

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The concept that ‘giving money to the homeless on the streets causes more harm than good” holds true due to the available evidence indicating that the street beggars and the homeless use the borrowed money for purposes of purchasing hard drugs. The most commonly used drugs have a high level of addiction and they also result to an extreme health deterioration and also death.

          The most likely channel of the money given to the homeless person is the drug trade. This is based on the fact that the purpose of life for the homeless is to achieve the next available fix and this is the reason that they chose the streets at the initial stages. Any money that is given to them is therefore a source of enslavement to an additional day in their lives whose end is destined for death as a result of overdosing the drugs or AIDS.

          The only way out of the mess that they are in to is becoming clean and the moment of achieving the clarity is a nightmare for the majority such that they can never see the turning point.

          The Bible however encourages that the poor should be given aid. According to the Bible argument, it is an expectation that the poor should always be among us and the homeless shall always be there. The Bible advocates that one should never take the advantages of the faults of a poor person who is begging for aid as an excuse of avoiding offering him help. Otherwise, God would look in to the offences of such a person. The Bible argues that the transgressions of a poor man have already been atoned due to the poverty afflicting that person while that of a normal person still holds.

          The Bible also indicates that the money given to the poor person may not be used wisely. Most of these people are suffering as a result of the confusion that they face. The cause of the confusion is the chemicals which in some cases they ingest and in other cases they are manufactured naturally by the brains of the sufferers. The Bible advocates that these people should seek sleep and help from others and any other person owes them their dignity arising from their confusion.

          Plato on the other hand, being originally homeless proliferated the ideas of homelessness. He is one of the most renowned figures to pay visits to the youth clubs in the city. Plato made use of his crazy ideas to have a cult following. Such acts as homosexuality arise out of homelessness.

          Considering the long run implications of the issue, giving money to the homeless as well as the street beggars is likely to cause more harm as compared to goodness. According to an old saying, a fish given to a man is eaten in one day. On the other hand, teaching that person how to fish empowers the person to have access to the fish for eating in a lifetime. Therefore, giving a lot of fish to the homeless leaves them hungrier in the future because the handouts are satisfying to them for just a short moment. This is a situation that is similar to putting some food in to their mouths temporarily without taking the care of the vicious dependency cycles  


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