Famous People Who Died on July 30Th in History

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Dying is just like taxes in the respect that it is going to happen to you and me. Over history, we realize it doesn’t matter who you are, you are going to face death. Famous people have no secret weapon against death. They are just like you and I. They will die. We will die. Death is a part of life. However, many of us look forward to eternal life in Heaven. After we all pass from this world, I hope to meet each one of you in a better place called Heaven.

We Live And We Die

Nobody Lives Forever

See You In Heaven

What Happened Today in History?

1865 The steamboat Brother Jonathan sinks off the coast of Crescent City, California, killing 225 passengers, the deadliest shipwreck on the Pacific Coast of the U.S. at the time.

1871 The Staten Island Ferry Westfield’s boiler explodes, killing over 85 people.

1945 World War II: Japanese submarine I-58 sinks the USS Indianapolis, killing 883 seamen.

1971 Apollo program: Apollo 15 Mission – David Scott and James Irwin on the Apollo Lunar Module Falcon land on the Moon with the first Lunar Rover

1975 Jimmy Hoffa disappears from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, at about 2:30 p.m. He is never seen or heard from again, and will be declared legally dead on this date in 1982


1644-1718 William Penn, English founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, Penn wrote and urged for a Union of all the English colonies in what was to become the United States of America. The democratic principles that he set forth in the Pennsylvania Frame of Government served as an inspiration for the United States Constitution

1825-1875 George Pickett, American Confederate general, he is best remembered for his participation in the futile and bloody assault at the Battle of Gettysburg that bears his name, Pickett’s Charge

1815-1898 Otto von Bismarck, 1st Chancellor of the German Empire

1886-1918Alfred Joyce Kilmer, American poet, remembered for his poem “Trees”, he is considered by some as too simple and overly sentimental

1954-1982 Roberta Pedon, American glamour model, known for large breasts, turned to a life of prostitution to feed her drug habit, believed to have died of a drug overdose

1914-1992 Joe Shuster, Canadian comic book artist who was best known for co-creating the DC Comics character Superman, with writer Jerry Siegel

1917-1998 Buffalo Bob Smith, American television host of Howdy Doody

1923-2003 Sam Phillips, American record producer, known for finding the talents Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley

1918-2007 Ingmar Bergman, Swedish stage and film director, he is recognized as one of the most accomplished and influential film directors of all time.

1931-2007 Bill Walsh, NFL Hall of Fame American football coach who won three Super Bowls

This is series of famous people who died was inspired by Faye Farley who writes about famous people who were born on the same dates. Each day I will make a list of the famous people who died on the particular day with a link to her story about who was born on a particular day. Today’s famous deaths will be linked to her September 27 story because she has not made it to October yet. Click hereto check out Faye’s writing





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