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There is something exquisite about a perfectly brewed single serve coffee in the morning. When I have the good fortune to dock at Marina Del Rey, I tend to make a beeline to the resplendent coffee establishment at the corner of Maxella and Glencoe. It’s tucked into a posh outdoor mall next a megaplex and it never fails to serve up a satisfying single serve cup. Their coffee has a familiar taste I can only seem to find in Los Angeles.

Living part of the year on a yacht can make brewing coffee problematic. Up to this point, my coffee regiment has consisted of a boilerplate maker that barely expresses java juice. So, naturally, when I saw that I could have all the taste and wonder of espresso in a single cup coffee maker, I jumped. Surprisingly affordable, the machine was the right balance between size and quantity. Despite the reveries yacht living might inspire in readers, I seldom entertain in my cabin. There is barely enough room for me, much less half a dozen of my closest friends. So a machine that squeezes out a perfect cup at a time was all I really needed.

For what if would cost me to stay in drip coffee, provided I bought it every morning for six months, I went with a blue-tinted single cup coffee machine. As the machine I bought uses disposable espresso packets, I even managed to save myself the cupboard space in the pantry. I understand this micro-managed level of concern is not something most people are bothered by. But, counter space and monthly food budgets certainly are.

To cast my net a little wider, as it were, I recently order a three-month supply of flavored espresso: hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel, to be exact. I can’t say that I was partial to the any of the flavors, though the hazelnut, when cut with enough sugar and cream, was palatable. Perhaps I should have known better. No, I most certainly should have. It was a splurge – a stumbling attempt to see how the other half lives.

For the average North American coffee drinker – my fine friends in Mexico City and some parts of Boston excluded – an amazing coffee maker experience is little more than a boiler plate machine and a can of Folgers. Not that there is anything inherently bad about Folgers – it’s just rather passé. Actually, when brewed in a fine single serve machine, it can be quite delicious.


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