Windows Movie Maker

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The best of Windows Movie Maker free download Vista, is not only its amazing user friendly interface, but also all the effects that you can achieve with little effort. You can create a slide show with amazing transition effects and music for your family’s digital photograph album, or maybe you’d like to embed your own recorded video and make it look different by applying gray scale, pencil, or sepia filters. If you don’t have a hand camera, don’t worry, you can use your web cam, or any other kind of imaging device to import pictures or video into your workspace, and let the fun begin.

Take a video of a wedding, or of a memorable moment, and apply the incredible “Aging filter”, on which you will be able to choose how much “old” you would like the video to be, then you could add some very romantic music and slow the video down on those “special moments”, turn on the music volume on on that instant, the result is, the perfect gift for that special someone, a souvenir of a moment that will never be forgotten, although, I must warn you, doing this and presenting it as a gift, will cause to that person a lot of melancholy in the future.

You can use it not only just for entertaining, it can also be used professionally to create video tutorials, banners, beautiful ads, introduction videos for your office’s presentations, just let your imagination be creative and let Windows Movie Maker do the rest of the work, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re tired of talking in class and your students don’t understand sometimes, make them a very educational video, and let them watch it, you can just answer the questions they may have at the end of the session, instead of talking and repeating things over and over again, See? It’s also an educational tool.

Another amazing feature (compared to its competition) is that it’s so easy to use that anybody can get nice effects in no time, you don’t need to be a video guru to use it, if you can use your Windows Vista without problems, then you can use this software as well. If you’re interested, then don’t let time pass by, go and get this free download from Microsoft’s site, the amazing Windows Movie Maker.


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