How Rats Choose Their Partners

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How rats choose their partners

I know, I know the title does sound somewhat drab and you possibly don’t feel like proceeding beyond the first line. But there is something interesting in the article. Do read it and you will add something extraordinary to your stock of general knowledge.

Did it ever occur to you that the only fellow who didn’t adopt any kind of formula to impress and pocket a woman was good old Adam?
One morning, Adam found Eve by his side and immediately he knew that she was his partner. He didn’t try to impress her with his muscle power or lung power or any power; she was readily available and he didn’t have to win her over either.

But not so in modern times. An young man has to put in much effort to woo a woman and she too expects that. In fact, she would normally make a man run around her in circles for days and weeks before saying “OK.”

According to the information we collect from the various file shots in the Animal planet channel, all animals too adopt the coaxing techniques to acquire a female through antics like, nose rubbing, smelling, pulling and pushing with their horns; some may run round a female and so on.

Rats follow a totally different method. Incidentally, rats could hear audio sounds up to a frequency of 25 KHz while a human being could only up to 12 -15 KHz (the sharpest note in a violin); dogs too can clock up to 25 KHz.

A scientist from USA had discovered that all male rats could sing at high pitch. “Male mice tempt females with ballads” goes the headline in the newspapers. They would sing at 25 KHz, varieties of songs and if a particular female likes the music, she would fall for him plane, pilot and passengers. And they would copulate straightway. They would have no further relationship thereafter.

Won’t it be wonderful if some audio engineers could record a male mouse’s songs, reduce it to audible frequency for our benefit and play it over a music system? Some scientist may kindly take on this project.

Our scientists haven’t left the matter at the rodent level. They have carried out more research on human beings as well. I think from time immemorial, Man has been inventing ways on how to capture a woman for himself. Some say that women just wait to be conquered fully and positively but only in their heart, and won’t give you a hint that they are so love hungry. Some women species, though they may have truly identified their lover boys, would put up their price and make the potential suitors follow her like Mary’s little lamb.

Ask any college going young men and they would tell you dozens of tricks on how to hook a girl. New tactics are invented every day by them. Scientists too have entered the fray and come out with some novel strategies.

One scientist says, after he had interviewed some 2000 women over a period of 2 years, “If you cut a joke on yourself, the woman sitting opposite would get highly tickled and would surrender to you whole sale.” I don’t know how many have tried this method on their prospective girl friends. There has been no follow up reports on this technology.

However, bachelors may remember this modus operandi when they attend a social party next time.


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