How To Burn Fat in One Day

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Mixing It Up

Seven in the Morning

Interval training (alternate moderate-intensity workout with spurts of intensity) revs up flab burning by thirty-six per cent.

Check out this thirty-minute exercise schedule.

  • Moderately paced walking for a minute.

  • Moderately paced running for a minute.

  • Ensued by sprinting for a minute.

  • Conclude with half-a-minute each of lunging & squatting.

  • Doing six reps.

Have Oatmeal for Breakfast

Nine in the morning

Have cupful oatmeal post-cooking with a topping of duo tbsp. Walnut as well as dry tart cherry & one would be getting trio fat-busting power stations –metabolism-enlivening RS (resistant-starch) from rolled oats, that could increase your system’s flab-melting capability by twenty-five percent; trimming omega-3 fatty acids (present in walnut) & tummy-flab-attacking anthocyanin (present in tart cherry).

A longer route to the Washroom

When the urge to visit the loo strikes during work hours then skip the elevator & taking the stairways to the washroom which isn’t in your level. Walking a bit subsequently & one would be burning forty calories in totality within ten minutes.

Curling & Chatting

Ten in the morning

Muscles help torch calories hence building more by setting aside five to ten lbs. Weights underneath your bureau & do biceps curl moves whilst you’re chatting on your mobile. Doing this would help in melting twenty calories in five minutes.

Snacking on flat-tummy foods

Snack on some tummy-flab melting MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) present in humus. Also the EVOO present would be delivering fat-combating strength as well as proteins that help in building even further calorific-melting muscles.

Mediterranean-styled Dining

One would be getting the ideal fat-melting combination of lean proteins, healthful fat, CLA & fiber. Tossing in three oz. of tunas, half-cup fine-chop tomato, three cupfuls arugula, one-fourth cup black olive & duo tbsp. fetta cheese and topping with multigrain pitas, shred into smaller parts or stuffing the pitas with the above made mix & enjoying it as sandwiches.

Walking your fat off


After lunches take a fast twenty-five minutes walk for torching off a hundred calories.

Keep it Humorous

Jollity is the best medicine for waistlines – ten to fifteen minutes could melt forty calories & ease the stresses which may otherwise prompt you to binge-eating.

Taking Dips

Second Half of the Day

Doing bench tricep dips for increasing calories & fats-burning muscles.

  • Being seated on the rim of a chair with hands on your sides, hold the frontal edging of the seat with fingers forwards.

  • Flexing feet & sliding butts off the bench.

  • With straightened back, bending elbows for lowering your body & then pushing back upwards.

  • Doing five sets of twenty repetitions all through the day for burning fifty cal.

Take a chill-pill pre-commuting

Fend off stresses that could be contributory to weight increase with a five minutes worth of meditating. Shut your eyes & do deep breathing & envisage yourself on an isolated island.

Pounding the Pavements

As dusk approaches, start by lacing up your sports shoes & dash to the street for a thirty minutes sprint for blasting off around 375 cal.

Eating power-packed dinners

Prepare these flab-melting burritos laden with bean-derived RS, whole-grain from tortilla & monounsaturated fatty acids present in avocados. Topping duo whole or multigrain tortilla with half-cup tinned black bean (rinsing & draining) & four tbsp of low-fat grate cheddar cheeses and microwaving this on high setting for sixty seconds; ensued by topping with one-fourth of an avocado & a cupful fine-chop spinach. Adding duo tbsp. piquant salsa & a sprinkling of chilli pepper for infused capsaicin that aids in boosting metabolism by nearly fifty percent, researches indicate.

Getting frolicsome

Exhume a hundred calories in just sixty minutes of power play in-between the bed covers.

Snoozing for Losing

Research findings indicate that 8.5 hours snooze on a nightly basis aids in getting & staying slim – simplest flab-buster ever known.


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